Perinatal depression and anxiety affects
1 in 4 mothers and 1 in 10 fathers

across postcode, across ethnicity, across household income

Perinatal Wellbeing Canterbury,
a community based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to:


Raising awareness and understanding of perinatal depression, anxiety and mental wellbeing during pregnancy, childbirth and parenting


Providing free support for parents experiencing perinatal depression, anxiety and related mental health illnesses; through our support groups, wellness programme, or simply by lending an empathetic ear


Providing education to parents, their whanau, their communities and their health professionals around perinatal mental illness

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Our Services

Perinatal Wellbeing Canterbury provides free community-based peer support for parents in Canterbury who are experiencing a decline in mental wellbeing relating to, or resulting from, pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting within

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Useful Resources

Perinatal anxiety and depression are mental health conditions and there are many places and resources where you can seek help. Keep asking until you get help. In a crisis please

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Get Involved

How can you help? Volunteer We rely on volunteers to help us run groups, fundraise and provide governance on our board.  Board members: We are looking for people with 4

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Fact Sheets

For free downloadable fact sheets visit PADA – Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa    Topics covered include: Antenatal anxiety and depression Postnatal anxiety and depression  (available in English, Te Reo, Samoan

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About Us

Our Vision for our community is “Mentally Healthy Parents” Our Mission To encourage and support parents who are experiencing a decline in mental wellbeing relating to, or resulting from, pregnancy,

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Perinatal Mental Illness

Around 25% of women will experience depression or anxiety during pregnancy or after the birth of their child. Perinatal mental illness can occur regardless of age, religion, ethnic group or

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Words from people we have supported “I can honestly say nothing helped as much as the completely non-judgemental, unconditional care and support that I found through the Perinatal Wellbeing Canterbury

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Contact Us

In a crisis please call 111, go to the nearest EDor call the Crisis Resolution Team on 0800 920 092 Check here for other helplines and support resources  Got a

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We would like to acknowledge and thank the organisations that help keep us running

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