Perinatal depression and anxiety affects
1 in 4 mothers and 1 in 10 fathers

across postcode, across ethnicity, across household income

Perinatal Wellbeing Canterbury,
a community based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to:


Providing safe and supportive environments in which parents receive peer support and connection, and learn how to manage and minimise mental wellbeing challenges related to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting during the first 2,000 days (pregnancy to 5 years)


Connection with clinical and community organisations to ensure parents can be referred for appropriate support if needed. Liaison with other agencies, or extended whānau, on behalf of our parents if required.


Regular talks to groups of parents and perinatal health professionals, enabling them to recognise perinatal mental decline and how to engage with overwhelmed parents and support them to seek appropriate help.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the organisations that help keep us running

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