Words from people we have supported

"I can honestly say nothing helped as much as the completely non-judgemental, unconditional care and support that I found through the Perinatal Wellbeing Canterbury groups"
"I felt supported by the easy availability while on the PNAP waiting list. The fact that Perinatal Wellbeing is there with open access is such a gift"
"I am so thankful for the Peer Supporters and this Perinatal Wellbeing group too, amid all the successes and failures of other services, this was truly a lifesaver."
"For someone like me who only asks for help when I'm desperate and no longer coping, being added to a waitlist is distressing. I'm mostly through it now although it's still a journey with medication. But the existence of Perinatal Wellbeing feels like a safety net to me."
"It has been so wonderful to meet other Mums going through similar difficulties, and to learn skills to cope and make plans to improve"
“Having a community. In the early days it was usually the only time I would leave the house all week. I really looked forward to being around people who understood me”
“It was good to meet other mums who were in a similar situation and mental space as I was. It helped to normalize it, to know that lots of mums have these struggles, and it wasn't just that I was failing as a mum.”
“I didn’t need much support this time around. I was just glad I was being checked up on. It felt like someone cared.”
“I like that you aren't judged with what you say in the group.”

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