Where Do I Get Help?


If you or your partner recognises more than one of these symptoms make an appointment with your GP.

If you are not happy with the advice of your GP get a second opinion.

Do not stop asking for help until you get it.

Your GP can refer you to other services if more specialised help is required.


Support Groups

Perinatal Wellbeing Canterbury run groups that are safe and supportive environments for parents with perinatal depression, anxiety and other associated mental health illnesses.

Support Groups

Contact Us or fill in the support referral form


Plunket Postnatal Adjustment Programme

If you are experiencing distress or depression following your baby’s birth the Plunket Postnatal Adjustment Programme (PNAP) may be able to help:

  • Assessment at home
  • Group Programme
  • Phone support
  • Oranga Whakamomori Programme

Canterbury Programme
Ph 03 3651646

Timaru Programme
Ph 03 6844159

Plunket Line
0800 933 922


Other helpful links

For further information about perinatal mental illness, medication, and advice for medical professionals.

Other NZ Support Groups
PND Support Nelson
Little Shadow (formerly PND Wellington)

For men’s depression

For general depression

Other sites with PND information and resources
PANDA (Australia)
www.parentingpod.com (USA)

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